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We Care

about the future

At KaFe Rocks, we care deeply about the impact that a business and its employees can have on the planet. We care also, about our employees and the futures that lie in store for all of them and their families.

Despite all of our colleagues working remotely around the globe, we recognise that they still leave a carbon footprint that is directly related to us as a business.

Increases in CO2 have had a direct impact on the climate change crisis and, with this in mind, we have launched the KaFe Rocks Donation Program which aims to give back to the planet, through carefully selected charities and NGOs.

The KaFe Rocks Donation Program

Our Donation Program is the vehicle we use for making an impact, and for delivering our donations to our selected charity and NGO partners.

The program covers two different angles, to ensure that we are in a position to donate as much as possible to a cause we truly believe in.

Donations made

hectares of primary mountain rainforest conserved

tons of CO2 locked in

Trees Protected

The KaFe Rocks Positive Global Carbon Footprint:

KaFe Rocks LTD donates each year to neutralise every single employee’s CO2 production.

However, in true KaFe Rocks style, just neutralising the footprint isn’t enough; therefore, we donate further to ensure that there is a positive carbon footprint from our employees.

We donate not just 1x, but 3x the carbon footprint of every single employee who works for us.

By donating 3x the amount of each employee’s carbon footprint, we create a ‘positive’ carbon footprint rather than a neutral one. And, the donations don’t stop there.

KaFe Rocks “We match your donation”:

Donating 3x the annual CO2 of our employees is great first step for KaFe Rocks, but we have identified a further way to help tackle the climate change issue.

KaFe Rocks shareholders have happily agreed to match EVERY SINGLE €/$/£ that is donated by its employees!

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, making KaFe Rocks what it is today. We want to empower and encourage people to take feasible action against climate change.

Have you donated? Send an email to [email protected] with a copy of your donation notification and we will match this right away!

Where are the Donations Going?

We believe that climate change can be tackled and solved by taking two directions:
1. Decreasing CO2 emissions

2. Increasing / maintaining oxygen producers

We only support NGOs with a low overhead AND tangible mission who can act effectively at the heart of the issue.

We take donating seriously and we take into consideration all elements of prospective NGOs, to ensure they fit with the KaFe Rocks core values.

With this in mind, we are constantly looking for the best projects to support.

We currently support:

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