Our Core Values Rock

KaFe Rocks’
Core Values

In our quest to be a true lighthouse for the iGaming industry we believe that we must shed light and transparency on it’s operators and providers, in order to help our users make informed decisions. We also believe in serving our partners to the best of our ability, sending them world-class leads and building long-lasting relationships.

Underpinning everything we do at KaFe Rocks are our Core Values, which we look to live every day as a team:

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Our working environment is unique, with every Rocketeer working remotely and trust is an essential key to our overall success. It’s the centre of our relationships and gets built with every interaction.

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Zara Aberg

We believe in every employee’s integrity, reliability and fairness, and we foster a trusting culture throughout the company through the levels of freedom and autonomy we give our teams.

In turn, our senior management team looks to earn the trust of the Rocketeers through the way they listen, engage and communicate around how we take the company forward.

Self-Driven Attitude

As remote workers, every Rocketeer must be able to demonstrate a self-driven attitude and we’re known for our positive energy and exceptional work ethics.

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Zara Aberg

We identify with the company, and are deeply committed to bringing a clear focus on, and reaching our shared company goals.


Passion is an important intrinsic desire that differentiates us from our competitors. Rocketeers love their job and their team.

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Zara Aberg

The passion we have and bring to the table, gives us the extra rocket fuel to go the extra mile in everything that we do.


One KaFe Rocks!

The One KaFe Rocks value is our way of saying teamwork! It’s always been about the people at KaFe Rocks and how we totally rock as a team, helping us to achieve our shared goals.

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Zara Aberg

Rocketeers are open, friendly, and promote diversity and inclusiveness. We have a completely open door policy for people to learn and challenge themselves, and despite working remotely we look to meet each other as often as possible so that we can truly live being One KaFe Rocks.

Strive for Greatness

We aim to develop the best working environment for our team, whilst creating the best end-products for our users.

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Zara Aberg

We will attain true greatness through challenging the status quo, delivering superior quality in our work and keeping an uber-keen eye for detail.

We strive for greatness, and we deliver greatness, but as passionate Rocketeers, our hunger never abates and we always look to push beyond the boundaries and deliver more.

For the User!

At the heart of everything we do and everything we create, there should be a simple question asked – how does this serve the user?

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Zara Aberg

Whether delivering on user search intent, creating new product features, delivering content that informs decisions, or building out new tech platforms, the user is at the front of our mind, and underpins every decision we make.

How do Rocketeers Live the Core Values?

You know what our values are and you know that we will always look to live these values within the company. But what does that mean exactly? Check out some of our awesome Rocketeers and people working with the KaFe Rocks Team who truly lived our Core Values below…