We’d like to say a massive thank you to all Rocketeers on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and our amazing allies for driving initiatives and making KaFe Rocks a better workplace all year round.

To celebrate this year’s Pride month, our queer Rocketeers decided to share their stories. We’ve kept their names anonymous to create an environment where everyone can share their story equally, whether they wish to be identified or not.

KaFe Rocks - Rainbow Lighthouse - Pride Month Malta

Being not only respected but celebrated is kind of new for me. In my previous jobs, I had to lay low and tone down my queerness.

When I joined KaFe Rocks, I knew I was joining a modern company. But to my surprise, it wasn’t just a handful of open-minded co-workers, it was a company-wide thing!

During my first week, a teammate spoke openly about their same-sex partner during a meeting. Whenever this happened in my previous jobs I stayed quiet while others would sometimes make disrespectful comments or just give them a look. That was enough for me not to feel comfortable.

Here, at KaFe Rocks, I noticed that everyone carried on like it wasn’t a big deal, not even reacting differently about my teammate’s sexuality. I followed in their footsteps and, for the first time, I felt comfortable enough to mention my same-sex significant other at work!

For me, KaFe Rocks is the first work-related safe-space, and I think of it as an LGBTIQ+ Lighthouse for anyone who’s in the same situation where I was and needs a light in the dark.

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