At KaFe Rocks we are committed to fostering an inclusive atmosphere in which every Rocketeer feels free to express themselves fully and feel like they belong.

To celebrate this year’s Pride month, our queer Rocketeers decided to share their stories. We’ve kept their names anonymous to create an environment where everyone can share their story equally, whether they wish to be identified or not.

KaFe Rocks Group - Queer Allies - Pride Month Malta

I work in a team comprised SOLELY of people from not-so-queer-friendly countries. 3 cishet guys, 1 cishet girl. For obvious, self-preservation-related reasons, this made me nervous at first, because I’m the kind of gay that can be seen from space 🤣
However, my team don’t “tolerate” my queerness, they celebrate it. I have NEVER worked with a team like that, and I consider myself blessed to be able to work with them. They even all use “yasssss” on Slack and in real life. My team are real queer allies, even if they don’t know it. ❤️💛💚💙💜

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