Remote-working iGaming Affiliate strives to bring the safest workplace for its LGBTQIA+ employees’ community

Malta, June 2021: The KaFe Rocks Group, a leading player within the iGaming industry, commemorates this year’s Pride Month by going the extra mile into the necessary support and safety of its LGBTQIA+ employees’ community. 

The work done in this direction so far includes the delivery of a mental health workshop tailored to  the employees on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum; the introduction of the #RainbowRocketeers channel (a private group aimed at protecting employees’ privacy); and the pronouns’ activation, created to ensure gender identity representation in daily communications within the team.

Ralf Friedrich, an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist Trainer who ran the workshop, said “People in the queer spectrum suffer more disadvantages and exclusion than other staff members. Hence it is important to create an inclusive community at the workplace, making sure that related problems are aired quickly and that there is open communication about those issues. Also, it is key to have mental health first aid responders in the company, so that it is possible to provide the necessary support for general psychological issues quickly. KaFe Rocks creates such an inclusive environment and I am proud to support them in becoming a role model for many other companies.”

At KaFe Rocks, everyone’s voice is heard and opinions are considered. “As CEO of KaFe Rocks, I’m extremely proud of our Rocketeers for being such an inclusive group, who are all open to the diverse group of people we have working for us. As a company, there are many things we still need and want to do to improve in this area but our Rocketeers’ wellbeing is something we take extremely seriously. The recent initiatives are a great next step and lay the groundwork for us to move further forwards here”, says Simon Pilkington, CEO at KaFe Rocks Group, referring to the promotion of inclusivity values across all the departments within the company. 

Theo Navarro, Content Manager and co-founder of the #RainbowRocketeers channel, adds: “I think that we, as a company, do a good job of making everyone feel included. This is actually the first job I’ve ever had where I don’t need to “tone down” my queerness to be taken seriously. We still have work to do when it comes to diversity, but every company does, and I’m really glad to be part of KaFe Rocks’ journey down this path.”

As a fully remote-working company since its inception in 2018, the Group set a stone to welcome new joiners for who they truly are, enhancing gender blindness and consolidating unbiased recruitment processes.

KaFe Rocks Group Celebrating Pride Month
With more than 150 rocketeers spread worldwide (counting up to 140 and 20+ nationalities), KaFe Rocks will continue to call out for new talents to fill in their current vacancies and promises to continue their contribution towards the well-being of its employees.

About KaFe Rocks Group: KaFe Rocks is a remote-working iGaming Affiliate providing users with a global portfolio of informative websites, localised content, and data that will help consumers worldwide make informed choices.

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