It’s a full day off for all Rocketeers, paid by the company, to be used to refresh, unwind and reset. No one should be at work, or checking their emails or even thinking about work.

So, to all Rocketeers – spend your whole day reading books, hit the beach or go on a long walk through the countryside. Whatever you do – enjoy it, because it’s your day.

Why are we doing this?

Wellbeing – We recognise that the past year hasn’t been easy for anybody.  With things largely calming on the pandemic front, we want our Rocketeers to take a day for themselves.

To say thank you – for all the great achievements, continued people growth, new ways of working, structures and processes evolving. We’re grateful to everyone for making #KaFeRocks as good as it can be.

The Euros are soon over – as an iGaming affiliate, there have been huge efforts throughout KaFe Rocks to make this the best Euros tournament for our users and partners alike.

To inspire and invigorate – Taking a day to breathe and to do whatever makes you happy can lead to fresh ideas and creativity.

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