At KaFe Rocks, we are a multinational team, working from different places, having different backgrounds and stories. But what we all have in common is our culture of collaboration, trust and support within the team.

To celebrate this year’s Pride month, our queer Rocketeers decided to share their stories. We’ve kept their names anonymous to create an environment where everyone can share their story equally, whether they wish to be identified or not.

KaFe Rocks Group Rainbow Rocketeers - Celebrating Pride Malta

Here’s a short story about our internal #RainbowRocketeers channel

When my colleague and I first started the #RainbowRocketeers internal channel, one of the founders personally reached out to me to make sure that I knew he had my back if anyone ever even insinuated something homophobic or discriminatory against me. In all my previous workplaces, it was always the expectation that queer people would just “tone it down” to avoid making anyone uncomfortable. For one of the founders (who I didn’t know exceptionally well at the time) to reach out to me like that meant a lot.

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