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Meet, KaFe Rocks

The iGaming Lighthouse for reputable iGaming!

What we do

We believe in honesty and transparency.

Founded by iGaming veterans in 2018, KaFe Rocks quickly grew into one of the leading iGaming Affiliates in Europe. Our mission is to shed light on an industry that desperately needs it.

SEO Strategy

Yeap, that’s what we do, SEO! Our strategy is white-hat, straightforward & sustainable. No dirty tricks.

Creative Copywriting

Our team consists of journalists with many years of experience.

Information architecture

We put our hearts in building scalable technology.

Content Strategy

We try to provide the most accurate information on sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites in a timely fashion.

Product Reviews

Simple: Honest & Unbiased!

Blog Articles

Our “Lighthouses” bring you the latest iGaming news!
β€žI’ve been working with the founders of KaFe Rocks for more than 10 years, and I’m happy to continue to do so for many more years to come.β€œ
– Frode Fagerli – GIG

New Users

In spite of the somewhat recent company formation of KaFe Rocks, our numbers are already respectable. Currently, we are servicing more than 50.000 new users annually.


Lighthouses are our key assets that help those who are seeking a new home for betting or casino games. We work only with the most reputable igaming operators out there!


KaFe Rocks now operates in 8 languages and more than 20 countries!

β€žKaFe Rocks is the prime example for what you can achieve in a short period of time, if experts join forces.β€œ
– Aaron Dadzie – Highbryd Media

Work with us – Why are we different

We believe the most valuable thing in life is time! So why would you waste it on commuting? The KaFe Rocks team members (>40) are mainly working remotely, independently and whenever they find it most comfortable. You decide if you work from our office in Malta or from home.

Did you know that the average worker spends 10.634 hours traveling to and from work. That adds up to 443 days or nearly a year and three months over a lifetime. We do not want to steal this time from you! You decide where and when to work!

We have high ambitions at KaFe Rocks, if you have high ambitions as well… get on board! We are currently looking for:



β€žThe team of KaFe Rocks is surely one of its kind. Sometimes unconventional, but highly professional! Keep Rocking – KaFe Rocks.β€œ
– Silvia Hoppe – RB Capital & Globus Media

Registered Office:

KaFe Rocks Ltd
Suite 5, Valley Towers
Valley Road
Birkirkara BKR9022

Operating Office:

KaFe Rocks Ltd.
Nr. 7, Highbuilding, 9th Floor
Sqaq Bisazza, Sliema SLM1652